Troubleshoot The Issues With Your Garage Door Opener in Wooddale


Has your door of your garage stopped operating properly suddenly? Don’t panic. You can now troubleshoot the issues with your garage door opener very easily. Following are fast tips for troubleshooting the next time when you experience such problems.

Garage door doesn’t open when it is operated by remote

It can be the consequence of lack of battery in your remote. Check out the batteries on remote control and just replace those with new one, if needed.

If the garage door still doesn’t respond, try wall switch. If it doesn’t work, then there might be an issue with power supply to your door. Check motor unit to make sure it plugs in the power outlet. Also, verify the circuit breaker, fuse or GFCI to see in case they aren’t the source of issue.

Garage door isn’t closing at all

Check out close limit switch. The switch controls the quantity of power using which your garage closes or opens. Amend power to make your door close fully. If this doesn’t work, check out to see if your door is binding while you raise or lower it manually. If your door isn’t binding, contact a garage door repair technician in Wooddale to fix the problem.

Trolley carriage is completely moving but door is not opening

If the garage door’s trolley carriage is working, but the garage door isn’t opening, you might be dealing with broken down trolley carriage. You’ll need to get it replaced. Speak to a garage door repair technician in Wooddale to have trolley carriage replaced by a new one. It won’t cost lots of money and it is cheaper than damage that can happen if you leave old one on.

The garage door opener makes grinding noise but door doesn’t close or open

This is generally a sign that key drive gear isn’t working and you should replace it. This is the gear which is in straight contact with drive gear in the motor. This part of garage openers tends to be the most common one to fail. Replacing this gear isn’t a simple piece of cake. Make sure that you call a professional to do it for you. It will guarantee proper installation of this gear and also that it operates capably.

Keep rail lubricated

It is imperative for all kinds of garage door openers. Make sure that you apply proper lubricants to rail where it comes in contact with trolley carriage. Ensure to clean any dirt prior to applying lubricant. At these times there’s possibility that Garage Door Repair Wooddale IL Company don’t function properly due to various reasons. However the key reason behind this difficulty is attributed to not adjusting the track of garage doors properly. As a result, for you it’s important to know level of maintenance and care of garage doors you should do. Whether your garage door is made of wooden or metal they too need different maintenance and care, especially based on the climate you live in. And the most complex part of a door or gate is choosing the right machine as well as its automation, which isn’t an easy decision always and is best left to professionals.